Pia Bolognesi

Pia Bolognesi is a freelance researcher in visual studies. She is a PhD Candidate in History of Visual Arts at the University of Pisa. She studied at the Universities of Florence and Bologna, where she specialized with a dissertation about the iconographic sign in video art, analyzed through the theories of Aby Warburg. For several years she has been interested in aesthetic theories and works that discuss the interaction between image and sound, especially in its experimental drifts. She has developed audiovisual projects with the collective Folksonomy: Kiss/Folksonomy (Fondazione Buziol, Venice), Cleaning the air: for Thoms Bernhard (Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris). She is co-founder of the Aldo Tambellini Scientific Board and she currently works on a curatorial project about the Avant-garde of experimental video art in NYC. She lives in Milan.

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