…ment is an online journal and publishing initiative that operates at the intersection between culture, art and politics. It is a discursive platform and meeting point that hosts different voices, practices, places, imaginaries.

…ment is dedicated to an enquiry into emerging forms and ideas, the close dialogue between artists and writers, and experimentation with styles and genres. Each issue of …ment addresses a specific theme, providing a framework for integrating diverse perspectives on central and urgent topics. Inviting contributions from upcoming and established artists, thinkers and cultural practitioners, the publication engages with contemporary social and political issues in order to generate a dynamic discourse.


We share resources, ideas and affections and we believe in the power of the collective!
…ment regularly collaborates with independent publisher, art institutions and other cultural agents to conceive and develop editorial (and curatorial) projects.

Collaborateurs include:

SKOR | Foundation for Art and Public Domain
Book Works
Petunia Magazine
Glänta Magazine

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