Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden , Pétunia, alphabet prime

Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden
Jen Kennedy is a writer from Toronto, Canada, currently getting her PhD from Binghamton University. Liz Linden is an artist from the San Francisco Bay Area exhibiting her work in New York and abroad.

The magazine Pétunia is collaboration with …ment on issue 5.

Each issue of Pétunia is organised around subjective emergencies, not as a exhaustive summation of a subject but as an open, autonomous publication presenting multiple facets on a topic. Pétunia does not affiliate with territorial issues of current matters nor trends. Pétunia does not have chapters nor sections, but diverse textual forms, focusing largely on contemporary art : from theoretical texts to diary entries, to pure fiction or comics. All contributions remain in their original language, without translations.

The layout of Pétunia is an important part of each issue; its graphic design is prominent, featuring a different graphic designer for each print. Pétunia is an unclassified object that paradoxically affirms a strong identity in focusing foremost on the work of women critics, curators, artists… To that extent, Pétunia is a feminist publication playing the game of affirmative action as a response to the constant imbalance of the role and place of women in the art world. Each issue reactivating reactivates — with nostalgia and humour — the forms of ideological engagement of women regarding art and critical production, enriched with three four decades of “gender studies”, “black studies”, and « “post – colonial studies »”.

Editors : Dorothée Dupuis, Lili Reynaud Dewar, Valerie Chartrain
Copy editor : Jeanne Alechinsky

alphabet prime
alphabet prime is an arts journal presenting critical texts, artist contributions, and fictional works, among other content. The publication takes as its focus the problem of language in contemporary discourse, and its limitations within the established framework of “theory.”

While the magazine is intended for artists, curators, critics and cultural scholars, it aims to further investigate the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the field of Fine Art, and may therefore incorporate polemic and expository texts from diverse professions and areas of study.

alphabet prime is published in New York and Berlin and was initiated by Maia Gianakos.